Learner Support Services

Language, Literacy & Numeracy Skills

Language, literacy and numeracy skills are critical to almost all areas of work. This is particularly true in many vocations where language, literacy and numeracy skills influence the performance of workplace tasks such as measuring, weighing and comprehending written work instructions.

To support this approach Training Practical Solutions Consultancy will:

  • Assess a learner’s language, literacy and numeracy skills during their enrolment to ensure they have adequate skills to complete the training;
  • Support learners during their study with training and assessment materials and strategies that are easily understood and suitable to the level of the workplace skills being delivered;
  • Provide clear information to learners about the details of the language, literacy and numeracy assistance available. Training Practical Solutions Consultancy generally recommend the LLN training courses provided by TAFE. These institutes have specialist teachers to support the learner’s development.

Client Support Services and Special Asstance Needs

Where specialised assistance is required, Training Practical Solutions Consultancy will endeavour to seek this assistance and provide it to the learner (additional costs may apply directly to the employer or learner).

These services may include:

  • Personalised aid to assist with a reading or writing disability
  • Physical disability assistance
  • Remedial aid

Flexible Learning and Assessment

While course-specific materials will advise on learning and assessment criteria to attain successful completion, Training Practical Solutions Consultancy will wherever reasonable consider inclusion or adoption of flexible learning environments and flexible assessment criteria to accommodate client work commitments, personal limitations or physical disabilities provided these do not limit the course learning value, standards, or minimum skill-attainment requirements.

Where flexibility is required, these will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis to determine learner needs, and options available that may be instituted to assist the student. Flexibility may be considered for variables such as:

  • Modified or changed workgroups
  • Alternate dates for submission of assignments
  • Personalised supervision (where feasible)
  • Special circumstances for assessments
  • Modified learning workbooks such as bigger font or inclusion of more diagrams
  • Extra time for assessment
  • Referral to Tafes or RTOs who specialise in Language, Literacy and Numeracy support

Welfare and Guidance Service

Training Practical Solutions Consultancy does not specifically provide direct access to welfare services, however learners are encouraged to access the following websites if they are experiencing difficulties including;

If you are experiencing any difficulties that will affect your ability to participate in your program please do not hesitate to contact your Management Consultant or the office directly to discuss your concerns.

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